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= 2013 =
= 2013 =
'''Fall 2013'''
'''Fall 2013'''
:[[2013_Fall_MA_527_Bell|MA527: Advanced Mathematics for Engineers and Physicists, Fall 2013]]
:[[2013_Fall_MA_279_Walther|MA279: Modern Mathematics]]
:[[2013_Fall_MA_453_Walther|MA453: Abstract Algebra]]
:[[2013_Fall_MA_527_Bell|MA527: Advanced Mathematics for Engineers and Physicists]]
:[[2013_Fall_ECE_270_Brown|ECE270: Digital System Design]]
:[[2013_Fall_ECE_270_Brown|ECE270: Digital System Design]]
:[[2013_Fall_ECE_400_Boutin|ECE400: Professional Developpment and Career Guidance,]]
:[[2013_Fall_ECE_400_Boutin|ECE400: Professional Developpment and Career Guidance,]]

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Fall 2013

MA279: Modern Mathematics
MA453: Abstract Algebra
MA527: Advanced Mathematics for Engineers and Physicists
ECE270: Digital System Design
ECE400: Professional Developpment and Career Guidance,
ECE 438: Digital Dignal Processing with applications
ECE544: Digital Communications
ECE641: Model-Based Image and Signal Processing

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