Rhea Section for ECE400: "Professional Development and Career Guidance", Fall 2011

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  • Thursday, 12:30-1:20
  • EE117

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  • Lecture 1: "Course Intro" by Okan Ersoy and Joanne Lax, course instructors.
  • Lecture 2: "Graduate School and Being a Professor" by Prof. Sam Midkiff, ECE, Purdue University
  • Lecture 3: "Intellectual Property & Common Mistakes of Entrepreneurs", by Steven Cuppy, BSEE 1984, MSEE 1986, Founder, Intrepient Technologies
  • Lecture 4: "Pre Silicon Verification Techniques used on IBM Watson's Power 7 Processor", by Joseph Gerwels, Manager, STG Chip/System EOA Simulation IBM
  • Lecture 5: "Entrepreneurship: Concept to Reality", by Art Norins, Chairman & CEO of Nor1, Inc.
  • Lecture 6: "Career Lessons", by David Dayton, Retired CEO, Itronix Corporation
  • Lecture 7: "What Is Quantitative Finance and Why Does Everybody Need to Know Something about It?", by Prof. Ilya Pollak, ECE, Purdue University
  • Lecture 8: "Professional Ethics", by Jim Bender, Director, External Manufacturing Quality, Texas Instruments
  • Lecture 9: "Life Transitions and Stress", by Kacey Lane and Jerry Mattern, CAPS
  • Lecture 10: "Professional Etiquette", by Anthony Cawdron, Event Coordinator, House Manager, Westwood, Purdue University
  • Lecture 11: "Negotiating: Getting What You Want", by Timothy Luzander, Director, Center for Career Opportunities, Purdue University
  • Lecture 12: "The Globalization of Engineering", by Yating Haller, Asst. Director, Global Professional Practice at Purdue University
  • Lecture 13: "Begin with the End in Mind: Actions You Can Take Today to Achieve Your Retirement Goals", by Erin Robertson, Associate Individual Consultant, TIAA-CREF, Carmel, IN
  • Lecture 14: "Young Alumni Panel", with Joe Myer (Rolls-Royce), Derrick Kearny (Purdue, ECE Master's student), and Daniel Lambert (GE)
  • Lecture 15: "Feedback to ECE (mandatory attendance)", by Prof. Ragu Balakrishnan and Prof. Michael R. Melloch, ECE, Purdue.

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