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What is a slecture?

A slecture is an online lecture made by one or more students based on the teaching of a professor. It can include unofficial lecture notes as well as other material such as audio or video lectures and pictures. While produced and distributed with the professor's permission, the material has not been reviewed or approved by the professor before being released. All slectures are freely available on the Project Rhea online education platform at http://slectures.projectrhea.org. Click here for a list of slectures currently available.

Why slectures?

Few professors have the time and energy to produce an online version of their lectures. Many even lack the computer and multimedia skills to do so. One incentive for students to prepare slectures for a professor is the desire to learn the material better than if merely taking the course. After all, there is no better way to learn than to teach! Once created, slectures are made freely available online in order to help students from all around the world learn.

Who is behind this?

The concept of slecture was developed as part of Project Rhea by Prof. Mireille (Mimi) Boutin, a member of the Faculty of Purdue's School of Electrical and Computer Engineering. The Rhea online education platform is hosted at Purdue University.

You can help!

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