Rhea: online learning for students by students

About Project Rhea

Project Rhea is an online education project based on the precept that there is no better way to learn than to teach. Our goal is to build an online education platform for students to share the learning material they create. If you believe in this project, please support us.

The Rhea website, hosted at Purdue University, includes a wiki that allows all members of the Purdue community to share learning material. Anybody in the world can view the material shared on the Rhea wiki. Anybody with a Purdue CAREER account can log into the wiki and contribute content. For example, we have practice problems on various topics, which feature different student solutions for the same problems, along with instructor and TA feedback.

Various learning initiatives have stemmed from Project Rhea. For example, the Math Squad is a team of math whiz selected to write tutorials to help students learn math. We also invented and popularized the concept of "slectures", which are online lectures prepared by students based on the teaching of a professor.

The Rhea website includes other useful online learning and teaching tools, such as a dropbox for electronic homework collection, and a double-blind peer review system for peer grading of class projects and homework. In addition, it features the visual search engine Assimi, developed by former ECE student Shiv Biddanda, which allows people to search and browse the content of Rhea's wiki while visualizing the connections between the various query results.

The instigator of Project Rhea is Prof. Mireille (Mimi) Boutin, a member of Purdue's School of Electrical and Computer Engineering.