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Final exam and midterms

You may bring: lecture notes, homework assignments.

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Extra credit

Students in MA453 Spring 2011 (Walther) have the opportunity to earn up to a 5% bonus by contributing a Rhea page on a subject related to algebra. To pick a subject, simply write your name next to it. Please no more than one student per subject. Your page will be graded based on content as well as interactions with other people (page views, comments/questions on the page, etc.). The number of links to other courses and subjects will also be taken into account: the more the merrier! Please do not simply copy the lecture notes and do not plagiarize. Read Rhea's copyright policy before proceeding.

Topic Number Topic Description Student Name Deadline
1 Normal subgroups Mark Knight
2 Morphisms Jennifer Davis
3 Finite subgroups of O(2) Write your name here
4 Finite subgroups of E(1) Write your name here
5 Lie groups Matthew Carmichael
6 The fundamental theorem of Abelian groups over a PID Write your name here
7 Groebner bases Write your name here
8 Curves in the plane Write your name here
9 Spectrum of a ring Write your name here
10 Sylow subgroups Write your name here
11 In how many parts can you cut the plane with k cuts? Write your name here
12 The fundamental group of a space Write your name here

Exam Related

  • Q: Does anyone know if the final is cumulative? A: Yes, it is.



Area to post questions, set up study groups, etc.

Questions for Uli

Uli has agreed to contribute to Rhea under the condition that I maintain the page regarding questions for him. Therefore, if you would like your question read by Uli, please post it here and update the count:

I will try to keep the page clean and updated.

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