Math 181 Honors Calculus, Fall 2008, Prof. Bell


Did 'ya Know?

This week I thought that I'd demonstrate how to add ellipses in a LaTeX equation.

$ \begin{align} \sum_n &= 1 + 2 + 3 + ... + n + ... + \infty \\ &= 0 + 1 + 2 + \cdots + n + \cdots + \infty \end{align} $

In the first example, three consecutive dots were typed, but the second example uses LaTeX's \cdots command. This stands for 'center dots'. There are also other 'dot' functions.

\ldots $ \ldots $ \therefore $ \therefore $
\cdots $ \cdots $ \dagger $ \dagger $
\vdots $ \vdots $ \clubsuit $ \clubsuit $
\ddots $ \ddots $ \doteq $ \doteq $

Getting started editing

Note on Kiwi display with LaTeX_MA181Fall2008bell

Lecture Notes_MA181Fall2008bell

Extra Credit

Extra Credit - Riemann Sum

Challenge Problem about the sum for $ \pi/4 $

Homework Help

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Fourier Series Homework_MA181Fall2008bell

Homework Whatever_MA181Fall2008bell (the last one)

Cross-subject Issues

Help! The ECE students are struggling with complex numbers. Can you shed some light here?

Interesting Articles About Calculus and Math

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Interesting Integration

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Study Guides

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