Rhea Section for MA 504 Fall 2008

TA Information

Bobby Bridges - email: rabridge@math.purdue.edu

Office - Math 739

Office hourse- 3-4 pm Tuesdays and by appointment

Problem sets

I will generally post extra problems for the recitation here so you can print them before coming to class

Solutions to Danielli's practice problems for midterm 1

[[Link titleNote: there is a mistake! _MA504Fall2008danielli#4c is not $ \sum(x^n)^n $ but is $ \sum x^{(n^n)} $. To find the radius of convergence of the second case, use comparison to x^n and get R=1. ]]

Problem set 9

Problem set 10, Nov 19 NOTE:I forgot to include one hypothesis: you must assume that f is bounded for f to be integrable!

Problem set 11, Dec 4 Sln.

Assigned Homework

Post notes, or questions with notes here

Getting started

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