I am an associate professor at Purdue University. Depending on the semester, I teach either ECE301, ECE438 or ECE662. Researchwise, I am interested in a bunch of different things related to signal processing and computational mathematics. My research laboratory is in MSEE393. I am a member of the CNSIP research area. In my spare time, I learn to bake/cook low-protein (low-phenylalanine) foods for PKU. My role model is Brenda Winiarski, the amazing woman behing "Cook For Love".

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"How do you pronounce your name?"

I get that question all the time, so here is the phonetic transcription:

mirej \text{ }but\tilde{\epsilon}.

To hear it, listen to the following sound file .

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Two Truths and a Lie (from ICIP09)

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