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ECE 301 Rhea Page (Summer 2009)

This is the official course page for Landis Huffman's ECE 301 Section (summer 2009). Homework and course announcements will be posted here. This page is a Rhea page, which means that you, the students, will also post content to this page. The Rhea serves as a Wikipedia-like website for courses at Purdue. Our Rhea page serves as an open forum for collaboration, sharing, and overall discussion of any subjects relevant to ECE 301. To use the Rhea, select login from the "User" dropdown menu, sign in with your career account login and edit from the "Page" dropdown menu.

Course Details

Lectures Mon-Fri 9:50-10:50 in EE117

Instructor: Landis Huffman [huffmalm (at) purdue (dot) edu]

Office Hours: Mon 11:00-12:00, Tues 1:00-2:00, Weds 3:00-4:00

Grader: Avinash Thawani [athawani (at) purdue (dot) edu]

Course Details (pdf): course policies, syllabus


  • The Final Solution is posted. If you would like to pick up your graded Final, you may drop by my office next week (or send me an email if I am out).
  • Quiz 6 Solutions are posted.
  • The Final will be held Wednesday, August 5, 8-9:30AM. The location is the lecture room. Exam information posted on the Exams/Quizzes page. Note that the exam is 90 minutes long, despite official scheduling of 2 hours. This is to keep the Final on par with the Midterm (since they are weighted equally in the course grade).
  • Homework 6 solutions are now posted.
  • We are currently experimenting with a new "drop box" feature for electronic file (e.g., homework) collection. It is a new mediawiki extension that is being developed by Zach Mason. If you are logged in, you can click here to visit your personal dropbox. Click here to visit Zach's dropbox. We are interested in getting your feedback regarding this new feature.



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