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Thanks for visiting my page.

About Me

  • My hometown is Saint Paul, Minnesota, and I hope to return there some day
  • I enjoy programming, playing the violin, watching movies with my wife and friends
  • Currently taking ECE600 and ECE666 (lots of fun)
  • Member of Berean Baptist Church on 26th St. - meets in the Christian school there
  • By the way, Zach also bakes amazing chocolate chip cookies! One of the perks of hanging out in MSEE393 is that you get to eat them. -pm

About My Work

I a second-semester student working on a Masters in Computer Engineering. I am also helping Prof. Mimi Boutin develop the Rhea site during the my first year here at Purdue. I have more than five years experience building web applications and general systems programming, so hopefully I can help improve the Rhea project by implementing some new ideas.

Contact Me

If you have any ideas for the Rhea project, feel free to start a discussion on Rhea! We would love to see Rhea change and grow as a result of direct input from its primary users, the students and faculty of Purdue. If you find a problem or just have some constructive ideas for the project, you can also email me at

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