Project Rhea

Student-drivenTM learning

Rhea is a free, public-content, open-source learning resource developed at Purdue University. The goal of Rhea is to enable students to teach each other the material they learn as well as the connections between the material, current research and outside applications. Anybody in the world can browse the content of Rhea using a web browser. Anybody with a Purdue career account can log into Rhea and contribute content. Rhea was developed by a team of students under the mentorship of Prof. Mimi Boutin. Like the student population it serves, Rhea is an evolving tool. To follow Rhea's progress, we invite you to become a fan of Rhea on facebook.

Want to learn how to use Rhea and wondering where to begin? Read this page.

Rhea's Features Include

  • A campus-wide wiki: edit from anywhere, anytime using your Purdue career account. Based on the popular media-wiki software, Rhea's wiki features:
Latex Equations. Use latex code to write equations. Detailed instructions can be found here.
Syntax Highlighting for Code Display. Look at this page for an example.
Short cuts for creating course pages and child pages. Look at the left side-bar after loggin in!
Upload and post multi-media content, including videos.
View recent changes for a specific course or a specific category. Here is how.
  • A Collective table of formulas, with links to relevant courses, concepts, articles, etc.
  • The Math Squad: students helping students learn math.
  • Assimi, a visual text search engine. Enter your keyword search in the Assimi field in the left-side-bar and see the connections between your search results.
  • Dropboxes for easy electronic file (e.g., homework) collection or personal file storing. Click here to view the content of your personal dropbox or access other people's dropboxes. (You must be logged in to use this feature).
  • Double-blind peer review system: an add-on to the dropbox, which enables students to grade each others homework/report/etc.
  • A Graphical Tool to analyze and visualize the interations and connections between content and users.
  • A Liaison Program connecting students with alumni and industry.

Who is behind all this?

Rhea is developed and maintained by students under the mentorship of Prof. Mimi Boutin. Meet the Rhea development team on this page.

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Alumni Liaison

Followed her dream after having raised her family.

Ruth Enoch, PhD Mathematics