Posting Videos on Rhea

There are two ways to post videos on Rhea. Perhaps the easiest is to upload the video on Youtube (or somewhere else), and to link to it, as was done for this Tetris video. Alternatively, you can upload the video onto Rhea and then use the player extension to display the video in a frame. Instructions for doing this are below. Note that the max size for file upload is currently set at 16 MG, and the only formats allowed are avi and mpeg.

Uploading a Video

To upload a vide, it is similar to uploading an image:

Add this text to a page:

[[Media:Filename.ext|Text to replace the filename]]

Replace "filename.ext" with the filename of the video you want to upload, where ext is in the set {avi, mpeg}.

Save the page.

Next, you will want to click the link you created and it will take you to the upload page.

Follow the instructions on that page to upload your video.

Next, add this text to the page you want to embed the video in - consider creating a page specifically for your video and linking to that page.

<player>filename.ext|Caption to go below the image</player>

For a complete list of attributes, see the Player Extension's MediaWiki Page.
An example of a posted video can be found here.

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