About Rhea's Dropboxes

Convenient web-based file dropping and retrieval

Are you tired of having to run to your instructor's office to drop your homework before the deadline? Worried about the poor security features of the cardboard boxes sitting in the hallway? Or perhaps you are looking for an easy way to access certain files while traveling? Then you should be interested in Rhea's dropbox.

Originally proposed by Prof. Bouman, dropboxes are a Rhea feature that has been developed by Zach Mason as a mediawiki extension. You can drop electronic files into the personal dropbox of any Rhea user. Since anybody with a Purdue account can become a Rhea user (just by logging in with their career account), this means you now have a painless way to exchange files with pretty much anybody at Purdue.

Retrieving the files from your dropbox is straightforward. Just go to your dropbox and click on the files you wish to download. The login name of the person who dropped the file, along with the date/time it was dropped, are listed next to each file.

Your dropbox also enables you to store your own files and easily retrieve them later: all you need is a computer with a web browser and internet access! Thanks to Katie Bouman for suggesting this feature.


  • Click here here to visit your dropbox or search for another user's dropbox. (you must be logged in.)
  • If you have questions/comments about this feature, please write them here


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