About Rhea's Liaison Program

Rhea's Liaisons provide links between academia and the "real world". Liaisons are displayed in boxes on the left-hand-side of Rhea pages (such as this one). There are different types of liaisons.

  • Alumni Liaisons are for Purdue alumni to share messages with current and future Purdue students. What was the most important thing you learn while at Purdue? What do you recommend students focus on? In retropect, is there something you should have done differently when you were a student? You can discuss all this and more with current students through the Alumni Liaison Program.
  • Industry Liaisons allow industry to build a meaningful connection with students by posting educational messages on our website. If desired, the message can be targeted to a specific student population. For example, a company can explain the cool things they are making and how they relate to what is being taught in certain programs at Purdue. It could also encourage students to take certain classes or develop certain skills in order to be able to join them upon graduation. Note that we will be happy to advertise campus events sponsored by a company or participation in industrial round tables.
  • Employment Liaisons are for companies/institutions seeking job applicants with a certain expertise. We are particularly interested in job offers emphasizing the importance of certain academic subjects in the real world.

** New initiatives! **

We are introducing new initiatives as part of Rhea's Liaison Program. You can learn more about it here.

How to participate

Participating is easy and requires no long term commitment. Just send us your liaison message along with a picture/logo to kiwi@ecn dot purdue dot edu, and allow us to post these on Rhea. The message can contain hyperlinks, pictures, videos, ... in addition to text. Note that Rhea is an educational website and that liaisons cannot be used to display ads of a mere commercial nature.

What is the cost?

There is no cost for participating in Rhea's Liaison program, but donations to our project are appreciated.

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Alumni Liaison

Basic linear algebra uncovers and clarifies very important geometry and algebra.

Dr. Paul Garrett