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Here are some basic pointers:

  • In order to do any editing, you must be logged in with your Purdue career account.
  • If you look under MediaWiki FAQ, you get lots of instructions on how to work with Rhea. Some important things are under item 4 in that manual.
  • If you want to do things like $ \sum_{i=1}^\infty 1/i^2 = \frac{\pi^2}{6} $ here then you should look a) at the "view source" button on this page and b) get acquainted with Latex [1], a text-formatting program designed to write math stuff.

Here is some more math, to show yo mathsymbol commands: $ \forall x\in{\mathbb R}, x^2\ge 0 $, $ \exists n\in{\mathbb N}, n^2\le 0 $ where $ {\mathbb N}=0,1,2,\ldots $

If you need to find out a latex command, google for the thing you want to make, latex, and "command". (E.g., google for "integral latex command".)

  • If you want to make a new page, all you need to do is to invent one. For example, let's say I want to make a page for further instructions on how to deal with Rhea. I just type "double-left-square-bracket page with more instructions double-right-square-bracket", where of course I use the actual brackets. The effect is: I get a link (initially red) to a page that is the empty set. Once I click it, the link page with more instructions_MA453Fall2008walther turns blue and I am transferred to a newborn page of name as indicated.

Note: it may take a few minutes for the new page to start existing. If you click the red link and nothing happens, wait a bit and try again.

Ideas what to put on Rhea

Course notes, HW discussion, solutions to problems you encountered while using Rhea (how do you upload, make links, post movies, ...)

For week 1, click this link here and on that new page create a page as outlined above. Then move to that page and state your favorite theorem. Why is it you favorite theorem? Have other people he same favorite theorem? Crosslink! Use the math-environment if appropriate.

For week 3: post and discuss the notion/theorem that you have found hardest to understand so far. Alternatively, find somebody else's post and reply to it by explainign how you understand things.

Rhea Questions

What's the deal here?

Course notes

Some Mathematics Symbols That We Need To Know

Week 1, Thursday

Week 3, Thursday

Week 4, Tuesday

Week 4, Thursday

Week 5, Tuesday

Week 7, Thursday

Week 9, Thursday

Week 10, Tuesday

Week 11, Thursday

Week 12, Tuesday

Week 12, Thursday

Week 13, Tuesday

Week 13, Thursday

Week 15, Thursday

Discussion topics

Mod p reducibility test_MA453Fall2008walther

Competitive Programming_MA453Fall2008walther


proof helps_MA453Fall2008walther

Example help_MA453Fall2008walther

possible discussion group on wednesdays..._MA453Fall2008walther

favorite math class at Purdue_MA453Fall2008walther

What to study for the final_MA453Fall2008walther

Can we make up missed weeks of rhea posts???_MA453Fall2008walther

Other Resources_MA453Fall2008walther

Math Puzzles_MA453Fall2008walther

Homework Discussion

Homework 1, September 4
Homework 2, September 11
Homework 3, September 18
Homework 4, September 25
Homework 5, October 2
Homework 6, October 9
Homework 7, October 23
Homework 8, October 30
Homework 9, November 6
Homework 10, November 13
Homework 11, November 20
Homework 12, December 4
Homework 13, December 11

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Latex comments

On fonts_MA453Fall2008walther
Reference Pages_MA453Fall2008walther - Websites that provide Latex commands

More Latex!_MA453Fall2008walther - Latex commands from NASA!

Getting started

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