Hey guys, this is from an email my mom sent me called failing a math exam with dignity! Given our recent event last week, i figured it would be a refreshing joke! enjoy!

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All right here's mine from a bad semester several years ago. I got a C for the course. I don't have the paper handy to scan. The final was in differential geometry. There was a planet out there with equation: a squared + b squared + c squared = constant, a,b,c unique. The student was placed at a point on the surface of this planet and asked which way his marble would roll. Not wanting to lose my marble I informed the professor that my marble would roll downhill. Fortunately, not all of my work that semester had been so poor, and I was not playing for keeps.

I kinda like the one about peter... really funny

Yeah, my favorite is the physics problem with the elephant. I laughed out loud when I saw it. -Daniel K.

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