I am willing to do this as well...someone just say a time and a place to meet in class Tuesday!

Is anyone going to do this?

We should start this next week. I think Wed. night would be good and I bet we could find an empty lecture hall somewhere on campus.

Hey all, I don't really know how well each of you did on the exam, but if it was anything like me, you know something needs to change. I've been getting great grades on homeworks and what not and thought I understood most of the concepts we have covered thus far in the semester, but apparently not. I was thinking that maybe if any of you had time on Wednesdays, we could not only work on homework, but also discuss concepts. You know, the best way to learn is by teaching (something my father preaches). Think about it!

I'm thinking the same thing too, after realizing how bad my midterm was. Study group would be nice for me, for hw and especially to face the upcoming final exam. :))

A group discussion sounds good. I've also been getting decent grades for homework, but didn't do too well for the exam. I wonder if the grades he wrote on the board are after the curve =/

I seem to be suffering from the same problem, low midterm score. I would meet on wednesday as well. I am free most wednesday afternoons and nights.

I know that I am doing decent on the homework by struggled on the midterm so I am trying to figure out what is the next step that I need to do to make sure I do well on the final.

I think that the best way to learn this material is to focus on fully understanding the basic definitions of Groups,Factor Groups, Isomorphisms, Homomorphisms, etc. Most of these structures are brand new, and you must spend a lot of time understanding the structure itself before doing the problems.

For example, I think this is like learning differentiation or integration for the first time. Before you can solve problems with it, you must comprehend why it works how it works.

I did pretty well on the midterm, and I focused my studying on the definitions and properties listed in each chapter (such as the properties of Cyclic Groups in Ch. 4, or the properties of homomorphisms in Ch. 10). I didn't worry about the problems and questions at the end of the chapter. Being familiar with these properties let me feel more comfortable working with Groups, Subgroups, etc., which is the first step to solving problems.

I would be up for a discussion/study group if anyone wants to get together to go over any notes or homework... Let me know the details if we do this.

I would also be up for a study group. I always spend a lot of time on homework, and my midterm grade was not too good either. --- Are we actually doing this? If so when, where, and time. -herr- --- I find it funny that we never set a time and place. Herr ---

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