This article is about students in Minnesota and a change in their standards for the required math of their middle schoolers. This is an interesting read for Math Ed majors and provides good information about what we may be moving towards when we hit the working world. Enjoy!

This was interesting. I find it strange that the main concern for this requirement is that it will challenge students too much. I'm of the opinion that we don't challenge students in America enough. In one of my sociology classes, we watched a film called "Stupid in America". It was a news piece by 20/20, and in it they gave a test to American students, and the same test to students of the same grade level in Europe. Europeans: 75% correct. Americans: 46%. The piece also went into depth about teacher's unions and bad standards. It's a pretty interesting film, and I'd recommend it to any education major, not just math. -Tim F

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