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Course Details

ECE 438: Digital Signal Processing with Applications

Instructor: Prof. Mimi Boutin (mboutin@ you know where)
Office: MSEE342, tel. 4-3538
Office Hours: M 13:30-14:20, W 13:00-14:20 F 15:30-16:20

TAs: Sean Hu (hu@ecn. you know where) and Liang Liu (liangliu@purdue. you know what)
Sean's Office Hours in MSEE184: T 11:30a-12:30p, Th 10:30a-11:30a
Liang's Office Hours in MSEE184: F 10:30a-11:30a

Message Area

  • It is expected that the grades will be ready this Thursday afternoon.
  • If you bought the book this semester, please feel free to offer it for sale on Rhea. If there is a need, we could create a "book wanted/for sale" section on the course page.

Prof. Mimi's Corner

Prof. Mimi will use this space to share material with the class


Course Related Material

Homework Related

Note that it is perfectly ok to discuss the homework questions on Rhea. In particular, you are allowed to post your own solutions. --Mboutin 17:01, 27 January 2009 (UTC)

Exam Related

  • Test 1
  • Test 2
    • Useful Information for Exam 2(March 27th): Please contribute here,TAs Comments
    • Here are the stats: Average 71.47/90, standard deviation 13.41. Test2HistECE438Spring09.jpg
    • TA's solution
  • Test 3
    • Useful Information for Exam 3(April 24th): Please contribute here,TAs Comments
    • Here are the stats: Average 67.4/90 with a std deviation of 13.9. Test3HistECE438Spring09.png
    • solution
  • Final
    • Here are the stats: Average 148.09/205 with a standard deviation of 33.10. The gradelines for the exam itself are: A>=171 (12 students), B>=158 (7 students), C>=131 (13 students), D>=125 (5 students), F<=124 (7 students). Note that the actual grade distribution is actually better than the final exam distribution. In fact the class GPA this semester is 2.61.FinalHistECE438Spring09.jpg


  • Queer or ally? Interested in a career in the oil industry? Please attend this Shell Oil Career Forum, Wednesday, April 8th, 6pm Lily 3102.
  • Interested in digital communications? Please consider attending this Tektronix presentation on Friday February 6, 2009.
  • Wondering if the course material would be useful in real life?, go to VIP (Vertically Integrated Projects) and read about research projects related to this class. Whenever you see the VIP logo Vip logo.gif in the course notes, it means that there is related information on VIP that you may find interesting. Contact the TA of VIP if you would like to join one of the teams. The first VIP meeting will take place on Wed (01/14/09) at 4:30pm in MSEE 184.
  • LaTex Equation Editor:

Alumni Liaison

Ph.D. on Applied Mathematics in Aug 2007. Involved on applications of image super-resolution to electron microscopy

Francisco Blanco-Silva