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I'm the TA of ECE495TUV, better known as VIP (Vertically Integrated Projects).
This course provides an opportunity for undergraduate students to explore and develop comprehensive applications of electrical and computer engineering technologies. Currently, we have 9 VIP teams and more than 15 faculty members who mentor the different projects.

Our logo is displayed next to my name at the top of this page. Whenever you see this logo within a topic in Rhea, it means that there is related information on VIP that you may find useful.

For more information about this class please visit or email me to: mortz at purdue

ECE 438

Our VIP call-out meeting will take place on Tuesday 11/03/09 at 5:30pm in the MSEE atrium. Free Potbelly's sandwiches and soup will be provided.

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Alumni Liaison

Ph.D. 2007, working on developing cool imaging technologies for digital cameras, camera phones, and video surveillance cameras.

Buyue Zhang