ECE 302: "Probabilistic Methods in Electrical and Computer Engineering ", Fall 2008 Professor Sanghavi

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Inserting Formulas

This is to address students not know how to put formulas into their wiki pages. MediaWiki uses a markup language based on Latex to produce it's mathematical equations. Anything that goes between the <math> </math> tags will be rendered as mathematical equations. All the symbols needed to produce the desired equations can be found at the following site.

Another handy way to learn how to write a math equation is to go to the real Wikipedia and find a good math article that has a bunch of formulas and just click "view source" or "edit".



Cheat Sheets

Helpful Examples

Random Stuff

The Monty Hall video Sujay showed in class.

The Athena Scientific page from which Introduction to Probability, 2nd Edition can be ordered.

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