• Suppose you have a machine that produces random coins. (Thus, the probability of taking a coin from the machine, tossing it, and getting a 'heads' is a random variable.
  • Suppose fQ(q)= 2q for 0<q<1
  • If Q = q then P(H|Q=q) = q
  • Below graph: fQ(q) vs q
  • RVCoinMach ECE302Fall2008sanghavi.JPG


  • Suppose you take a coin from the Random Coin Machine and toss is. What is the probability of flipping a heads?


  • P(H) $ = \int_{0}^{1}P(H|Q=q) * fQ(q) dq $
    $ = \int_{0}^{1}q^2*q dq $
    = $ = 2/3 $

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