Meet Rhea's writers-in-residence

Our Writers-in-Residence for Fall 2011

Reynosopic.jpg Adam.jpg
Enrique Reynoso Adam Strantz
Writer-in-Residence Writer-in-Residence

Our Writers-in-Residence for Spring 2010

ProfilePic.jpg JustinFlick.jpg
Josh Hunsberger Justin Flick
Motorola sponsored WIR Motorola sponsored WIR

Our Writers-in-Residence for Fall 2009

Dhruv Lamba.jpg Dave Knott.jpg Ananya.jpg
Dhruv Lamba Dave Knott Ananya Panja
Motorola sponsored WIR Motorola sponsored WIR Motorola sponsored WIR

Want to participate?

Purdue students interested in becoming a sponsored writer-in-residence should email kiwi@ecn.purdue dot you know where. Please include a list of notable past Rhea contributions and/or a copy of relevant work.


You can support a writer in residence by donating to Project Rhea.

The Motorola Foundations provided financial support for our 2009-2010 writer-in-residence program. We are grateful for their support.

Alumni Liaison

Followed her dream after having raised her family.

Ruth Enoch, PhD Mathematics