Josh Hunsberger

  • Name: Josh Hunsberger
  • Age: 20
  • Class: Sophomore
  • Major: EE



I grew up near a small town called Shipshewana, IN (famous for Antique Shops, Flea Market, and Amish). I am the oldest child with a younger sister and a younger brother. My parents kept a structured (some would say strict, but that's not the right word) family life that revolved around our faith in Jesus Christ. From my dad I learned to love the game of soccer. For the next 18 years my life could be broken down to three key elements: School, Sports, and Faith. I tried hard and succeeded at most things (excepting of course singing, playing, rhythm games, and sports that involved hitting a ball with an extension device such as a bat or racket). I graduated as valedictorian, something that was never a goal of mine, but rather a side effect of what I had done and eve more so what God had done in my life. At first I thought I wanted to go to college for Physics, but I quickly figured out that that was way too theoretical and I needed some more application in my field. So I decided instead to go for Engineering, and Purdue was the best fit by far for my major.


My freshman year I elected to take an honors calculus class, MA 181, with Professor Bell. On the first day he introduced us to this strange new website called the Rhea Project (formerly Kiwi). He told us we could collaborate on homework on it and he would post bonus exercises on it occasionally. Well, his homework was hard! So I quickly started taking advantage of the free and easy help. Soon I found myself engrossed in the community and working hard at solving the bonus problems. The work paid off in the end. Professor Bell liked what I had done with one of his bonus problems and offered me and another student in the class, John Mason, an opportunity to research under him for the summer. The creators of Rhea also took note. Although I did not have the time or experience to help out with actually developing Rhea, they decided to hire me on as a "Motorola sponsored writer-in-residence" So you should see me around here a lot more.



Current Writing Interests

Alumni Liaison

Ph.D. 2007, working on developing cool imaging technologies for digital cameras, camera phones, and video surveillance cameras.

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