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Hello! Welcome to my page.

I am a senior in Electrical Engineering and I graduated very recently!

I will use this page to describe some of the projects I have worked on so far such as my senior design project, some research that was done last semester under Professor Mireille Boutin ( Spring 2010) as well as the work I did on the Open Sourced Vehicle Detector Team under Professor Krogmeier.

I am most proud of my senior design project which was a success ( success being defined as a system that worked on the day of demonstration). I worked on the first sub system of the project which was essentially controlling the rotation of a platform and making it stop when it was in the desired position and then reading off 8 bit code off the code plate placed on the platform using infra-red sensors.The rest of the team was involved in embedding the 8 bit code in images fed live from an NTSC camera, decoding the 8 bit code and displaying its equivalent in BCD, and lastly to display the images from memory onto a television screen and coloring the 8 bit code when the user desires to know where the code has been placed.

Below is a video demonstrating what I worked on all semester.

While the circuitry took some effort to put together the ideas were simple and beautiful.

Datacontrol.jpg Detailckt.jpg

Another project that I worked on this semester was the Open-Sourced Vehicle Detector project. It was part of the vertically integrated projects class that happens every semester where students can take research in a class format. The purpose of the project was to reconstruct a vehicle's signature when it passes over a sensor embedded in the road and replace the detector card that we are currently using.

The whole point of even trying to get a vehicle's signature is so that traffic engineers can track the most frequently used roads by different people and therefore design road networks in a much safer manner. For example a truck will have a different signature and a small saloon car will have a different one. So if there is a road which is most frequently used by certain types of trucks ( maybe those heavy duty trailers) roads will have to be made of different materials so that it can withstand the truck's force on it.And so on and forth. I personally made a double ended buffer for the system ( it was needed because if anything else is connected to the sensor, it will stop oscillating and therefore stop working, put simply!).


The rest of the work on the project was all software based. Our code was written using Python. Energizing sinusoids are sent to the sensor and when a car passes over it, there are frequency deviations which are then noted.It was our duty to be able to extract those frequency deviations and make sense of them.We were successful in getting frequency signatures but as of now they aren't of the best quality therefore more work needs to be done on it next semester.

You should also check out my page: My use for the DFT, which is the result of my work on the analytics of this website with some digital signal processing applied to it.

When I am not trying to survive electrical engineering I enjoy talking to random people, reading and sleeping when I can..

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