Andrew W. Haddad


Research Assistant for Professor Mimi Boutin in the Computational Imaging Lab. Graduate Student in Electrical and Computer Engineering. View my Personal Website.


  • Paul Gestwicki, Andrew Haddad, Austin Toombs, Fu-Shing Sun, An experience report and analysis of Java technologies in undergraduate game programming courses, Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges, Volume 25 , Issue 1 (October 2009), p. 102-108.
  • A. Haddad, M. Boutin, "Rhea: a student-driven tool for enhancing the educational experience", to appear in Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges (2010). This paper will be presented at the Consortium for Computing Science in Colleges-Midwest Conference, Franklin, Indiana, Sept. 24-25, 2010.


Alumni Liaison

Basic linear algebra uncovers and clarifies very important geometry and algebra.

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