Honors Contract for ECE438 Fall 2014

Slectures by ECE student Sahil Sanghani


This honors contract was meant to explore medical applications of digital signal processing by writing slectures. These slectures were based on Professor Charles Bouman's lecture series (lectures 5-9) of Digital Image Processing (ECE 637). Because these are student written Slectures, they are not comprehensive. They were mainly meant to help me learn the material. When topics spanned multiple lectures, I combined the relevant material into one slecture.

Selected Slecture Topics

Topic 1: Computed Tomography (CT)
Topic 2: Coordinate Rotation and the Radon Transform
Topic 3: Fourier Slice Theorem (FST)
Topic 4: Convolution Back Projection (CBP)
Topic 5: Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Mostly based on the ECE637 Lecture material of Charles Bouman.

You can find more information about this course at the ECE 637 course wiki. The Youtube playlist for the original videos can be found here. The course notes are available here

Questions, Comments and Discussion

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