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Rui Zhao Trey Shenk

Lab Syllabus
Additional lab report requirement
VISE Webpage
MATLAB Help Reference Landis Huffman's Matlab Page

For the Tuesday labs, if you are having trouble emailing code to me, please just put it in my dropbox. -Trey

Question: Is the order below of the lab correct? We are doing the Lab4 than 6 than 8 than 5? The pdf file link was messed up and linked to 404 pages. I tried to fix it weeks ago. But just want to make sure I didn't mess other thing up.

TA's answer: Yes. The schedule has not been changed so far. Try to use firefox. If it does not redirect to the right address, use this link instead.

Week 1 & 2: Lab 1
Basic Folder Setup
Week 3: Lab 2
Week 4: Lab 3, Fourier Series Example
Week 5: Lab 4
Week 6: Lab 6a
Week 7: Lab 6b
Week 8: Lab 8
Week 9: Lab 5a
Week 10: Lab 5b
Week 11: Lab 9a
A brief note for Formant
Week 12: Lab 9b
Week 13: Lab 10a
Week 14: Lab 10b
Week 15: (TBD)

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