Additional Lab report requirement

  • There is no format rule on lab report. However, in order to earn as much credits, make sure your report is well-organized.

(1) Include a cover sheet. Here is the template. Make sure all the information is correct to get full credits.
(2) There are different types of assignments in lab instructions. Some are experiment results. Some are short answer questions. REMEMBER to answer all such questions.
(3) DO NOT use separate sheets to answer these questions. Just keep the same order they appear in the lab instructions. Include the number of the question as well.
(4) Both hand-written answers and printed-out answers are acceptable.
(5) Both black-white plots and full-color plots are acceptable.
(6) Make sure your plots of experiment result are clearly labeled.

   Matlab syntax of labeling a graph
   title('Title of the plot');
   ylabel('Vertical Axis Label');
   xlabel('Horizontal Axis Label'); 

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