Bonus Homework, ECE438, Fall 2010, Prof. Boutin

Due (in class) Friday December 10, 2010

This homework will add up to 0.5% to your course score.

Question 1

(0.25% bonus)

Fill in the online course evaluation. Print a hard copy of the final screen and hand it in. (If you already filled out the course evaluation and forgot to print the screen, please send me an email and we will discuss this.)

Question 2

(up to 0.25% bonus)

Write a comment on the peer-legacy page of 5 different courses on Rhea. You can write about ECE courses (e.g.,ECE201, ECE302 ), MATH courses (e.g., MA265, MA181), EPICS, VIP, etc. If the course you want to write about is not listed on the Peer Legacy page, feel free to create a page for it.

Note that all comments you make can be viewed publicly, so this is not the place to whine about the fact that your teacher always wears the same funny pair of sandals! But your future peers will truly appreciate these comments, and instructors like myself take them VERY seriously. In fact, you may have noticed that I incorporated many changes suggested by students in ECE438.

Hand in a hard copy of your comments. (Just copy and paste into a text document, and write the corresponding course number above each comment.)

If you wish to write under an anonymous login, please contact me.

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