Peer Legacy for EPICS: Engineering Projects in Community Service

All students who have previously taken EPICS are welcome to use this page to leave comments/give advice for future students.

  • Don't wait till the last min to do your notebooks, it gets complicated towards the end of the semester. Also ask for help, thats what the TA's are there for. I am usually around the labs and will give help if you ask me (currently a UTA) --Ethan
  • There is a related discussion regarding the difference between Senior Design and EPICS here. -pm
  • I am currently a student of EPICS. Before you decide to take epics, i would advice that you do research into whatever team you want to go into. If possible ask the course coordinator about that team. Epics is usually a hit-or-miss because if you do not really look into the team you choose, you might get stuck on a team where you do nothing which pertains to your major. --Willie Haywood
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