ECE 438: Digital Signal Processing with Applications

Professor Boutin, Spring 2017

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Course Information

  • Instructor: Prof. Mimi
  • Teaching Assistant: Joe Zhou
    • Email: zhou2 at purdue dot you know what
  • Teaching Assistant: Ikbeom Jang
    • Email: jang69 at purdue dot you know what
  • Course Outline (Approximate schedule with detailed reference list)
  • Course Syllabus
  • Important Dates:
    • Test 1: Evening exam, Tuesday March 21, 18:30-19:30, MSEEB012
    • Test 2: Evening Exam, Tuesday April 18, 18:30-19:30, MSEEB012
    • Final: TBA





  • HW1 was distributed in class
  • HW2 was distributed in class
  • HW3
  • HW4
  • HW5 was distributed in class

A bonus point opportunity

Students in ECE438 Fall 2016 have the opportunity to earn up to a 3% bonus by contributing a Rhea page on a subject related to digital signal processing. To pick a subject, simply write your name next to it. Please do not simply copy the lecture notes and do not plagiarize. Read Rhea's copyright policy before proceeding.

The deadline for contributing a project is at midnight on Sunday April 23, 2016.

Topic Number Topic Description Student Name/Nickname
1 Audio filtering of the Trayvon Martin 911 call Marlow Rumreich
2 Mock up Final Exam Aseem Jha
3 An Implementation of Sobel Edge Detection Sean Sodha
4 K-Means Clustering Applications Sara Wendte
5 BRITA Filter Dimitri James
6 DSP Audio Effect Applications Thomas Stepp
7 X-Ray Crystallography Brandon Kozel
8 "Hello, World" Speech to Text Alden Fisher
9 Recognizing voice passwords using Fixed point FFT Anuraag Rajasekhar
10 The Laurent Series in DSP Erik Jensen
11 Sound Reinforcement System analysis using FFT Aaron Barnes
12 Text to Speech using Matlab code Sam Garvis

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