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I just had a few question about FS and FT and whatnot.

1. Is the Fourier Transform for Aperiodic Signals Only?

No. They are for periodic signals also. The formula for transforming a periodic signal is (I believe) the first one on the table.

2. Are Fourier Series for Periodic Signals Only?


3. We are not supposed to use the Fourier Transform of complex exponentials. Does this mean that we shouldn't take the Fourier Transform of periodic signals?

Correction: you are not suppose to integrate to compute the Fourier Transform of complex exponentials. Yes you do: but you either use a table, or you guess the answer and go backward.

4. I think I'm confusing the Fourier Series and Fourier Transform in general. Whats the difference?

(Answering Questions 1 and 2 might help me understand this)
Fourier Series is for periodic signals. It represents signals as a summation of complex exponentials.
Fourier Transform is for all signal. It represents signals as an integral of complex exponentials.

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