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Summing Amplifier Practice

Practice question for ECE201: "Linear circuit analysis I"

By: Chinar Dhamija

Topic: Summing Op Amp


Find the output voltage, Vout.

ECE201 P4.png


First we know that $ V_- $ = $ V_+ $
$ V_- $ = 0V = $ V_+ $
The op amp can be ignored for this particular problem.
We can apply the formula we learned in class to solve for Vout.

$ Vout = (\frac{-R_f}{R_1})Vin $
By using the superposition principle we can look at one voltage source at a time, then add them together to find Vout. $ \begin{align} Vout = (\frac{-72}{24})4 + (\frac{-72}{36})6\\ Vout = -24V \end{align} $

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