Yijia Wen| Mathematics, Undergrad.

Proud Member of the Math Squad.

I am an undergraduate student at Purdue University majoring in mathematics, and would love to go further into it. For me, math is quantitative way to describe our daily life. It is also a language beyond what we are speaking and a world beyond where we are living. My favourite subjects are calculus and differential equations, but I am not sure with my future specialisations yet. So just keep open and try everything!

There is no exact pronunciation of my name in English, /ee-jee-a/, /ee-hee-a/ (for Spanish speakers), /ee-shee-a/ (for Russian speakers) can all be accepted. I am originally from China, and have studied in Australia and New Zealand as well. I would love to embrace my Chinese heritage and am proud of being identified as a Chinese. I also love my multi-countries background, which prints my path and shapes me as a better global citizen in our modern world.

The project I am doing here is regarding ordinary differential equations. It goes in an intuitive way and could be supplementary materials for the textbook.


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