Emma Lukosky| Mathematics, Undergrad.

Proud Member of the Math Squad.

I am a lover of all things mathematics. I love to find beauty in messy equations, see symmetry in intricate shapes, and enjoy the applications of math in everyday life.

I am in my third year at Purdue studying mathematics, and plan to go to graduate school and earn a PhD in pure mathematics. After this I want to work at a university doing research and teaching the subject that I love! This basically just means that after I graduate from undergrad, I'll be sitting at a desk staring at math for 5-7 years before I go on to sit at what is most likely a different desk to stare at some different math for a longer period of time... this sounds perfect to me!

My current mathematical fascinations include probability and linear algebra, as I am taking a probability class this semester (Fall 2017) and took two linear algebra classes last year (Fall 2016 and Spring 2017).

My ultimate career goal is to write a textbook which I teach from (and hopefully others teach from as well, but let's keep the goals realistic), so writing this tutorial has been just the taste of textbook-writing I wanted. It is my goal to help others who don't necessarily appreciate math in the same light that I do at least understand the beauty that I see in it as a subject.

And with that, I hope you thoroughly enjoy my tutorial on MATRICES!


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Ph.D. on Applied Mathematics in Aug 2007. Involved on applications of image super-resolution to electron microscopy

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