Title of Slecture (topic)

A slecture by ECE student Joe Blo

Partly based on the ECE438 Fall 2014 lecture material of Prof. Mireille Boutin.

Use this template if you are making a video lecture (either blackboard lecture, screen capture, or video of your hand writing on paper)


  • If you wish to post your slecture anonymously, please contact your instructor to get an anonymous login. Otherwise, you will be identifiable through your Purdue CAREER account, and thus you will NOT be anonymous.
  • Present the material your own way, in your own words, based on Prof. Boutin's lecture material.
  • Feel free to add your own examples or your own material.
  • Focus on the clarity of your explanation. It must be clear, easily understandable.
  • You may include graphs, pictures, animated graphics, etc. in your video.
  • Send the original videos to Prof. Boutin. She will then upload them on Youtube and give you the link.
  • Embed your video directly on your slecture page by putting the youtube ID between <youtube> </youtube> tags.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. If you use other material than Prof. Boutin's lecture material, you must cite your sources. Do not copy text word for word from another source; rephrase everything using your own words. Similarly for graphs, illustrations, pictures, etc. Make your own! Do not copy them from other sources.

Make sure your video contains the following dividing slides

  • Element 1:
Title of your slecture
A slecture by Purdue ECE student Joe Blo
  • Element 2:
To learn more about slectures, please visit www.projectrhea.org
  • Element 3
actual slecture video
  • Final element
For more slectures, please visit www.projectrhea.org

Embed your video below this line

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Questions and comments

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