What is a bounty?

A bounty is a way to attract programmers to develop software to address a particular challenge by offering a sum of money for the first programmer who successfully writes code that addresses this challenge. If you are a Rhea user and would like to have a certain feature enabled, please list it here. The Rhea team will select the most desirable features and pool money together to offer bounties for Purdue students to develop this feature.

To be notified of all new bounties, become a fan of Rhea on facebook.

Unclaimed Bounties

There are no unclaimed bounties at this time. We are currently looking for funding for new bounties. If you are interested in sponsoring a software bounty, please take a look at our donation page.

Claimed or Closed Bounties

This section contains a list of bounties that have already been claimed, along with the names of the students who received the award.


The Motorola Foundations has provided money for software bounties for the year 2010, and we are grateful for their support. Future bounties will depend on the donations we receive.

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