Here is another solved ECE301 midterm exam 2 fall 2006 for Prof. Boutin:

Scan0001 ECE301Fall2008mboutin.jpg

Problem 1 comments:

  • This is a cute solution. Be caresul though: the summation should stop at 1, not 2. --Mboutin 14:04, 28 October 2008 (UTC)

Scan0002 ECE301Fall2008mboutin.jpg

Scan0003 ECE301Fall2008mboutin.jpg

Scan0004 ECE301Fall2008mboutin.jpg

Scan0005 ECE301Fall2008mboutin.jpg

Scan0006 ECE301Fall2008mboutin.jpg

Scan0007 ECE301Fall2008mboutin.jpg

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