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Wednesday September 1, 2010.

In the fifth lecture, we collected the first homework assignment and announced the second homework assignment. It was noted that the student's presentation of the first homework is less than desirable. As a result, it was announced that the second homework would be graded by double-blind peer review.

We finished our discussion of aliasing when sampling pure frequencies. It is highly suggested that students review the periodicity of discrete-time complex exponentials (including the concept of harmonics).


  • "Signals and systems", by Oppenheim, Wilsky, and Nawab, Section 1.3.3.

We defined the z-transform and highlighted its relationship with the DTFT. We also computed the z-transform of a signal for which the Fourier transform does not exist. The first student who creates a table of z-transform on Rhea with at least 15 signals will get a 0.5% bonus. (You must use the same format as the one use for this table of Laplace transforms.)

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