How to Add Elements To a Page

In order to edit a page that already exists, you must be logged in. Editing is done by changing the source code of the page. The source code of Rhea pages is written in a markup language called "wikitext". Wikitext is similar to html, but in many ways simpler. The best way to learn how to edit a page is to look at the source code of other pages and learn by example. Here are a few key points.


There are two types of links: internal and external. Internal links are links to other Rhea pages. External links are links to internet websites. To make an internal link to a Rhea page titled "My Page", write
[[My Page]]
If you want to display something else in place of the page title, add the text after the page title followed by a vertical bar, like this:
[[My Page | Text I want to display]]
To make an external to the webpage
If you want to display something instead of the website address, simply add the text after the address, like this:
[ Text I want to display]]


A bulleted list is created by putting a star symbol before each elements:

  • item 1
  • item 2
    • item 2.1
    • item 2.2
  • item 3

A list with numbers in front of the elements is created with the sharp symbol as follow:

  1. First element
  2. Second element
    1. A first sub-element
    2. A second sub-element
  3. Third element


If you want to sign your username somewhere, just press the second button from the right Button sig.png while you are in "edit" mode --- (the one that says "your signature with timestamp"). Alternatively, you cal also type four "tilde" signs like this:

Math Elements

Click here here to learn how to add equations and other math elements to a page.

Unformatted Text Elements (e.g. code)

Matlab code, for example, should be entered specially to allow Rhea to ignore all the symbols Matlab uses. <pre></pre> should be used to accomplish this and the results look like the following.

Hello, World!

Uploading Files

To upload a file, you must be logged in. Then simply select "upload a file" under the "page" tab above. Alternatively, create a link to the file that you are about to upload by writing
on the page. After saving your edit, the link to your file will be displayed in red like this


By clicking on the red text, you will be taken to the upload screen.


Inserting pictures not that hard. You do not have to start by uploading a picture. If you simply insert the link and save your changes to the page, you can then click on that link you just made and you will be prompted to upload the corresponding picture. There are a plethora of options that can be used from this site to help place the pictures the way you want them.

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