HW2, Chapter 1 problem 13, Discussion, MA453, Prof. Walther

Problem Statement:

Can somebody please write the problem statement?

If you name the vertices of the four rectangles A, B, C, and D.

The rectangle would appear thus: R0 MA453Fall2008walther.png

The rectangle would have four transformations:

Rotation of 0º (or 360º) : $ R_{0} $

R0 MA453Fall2008walther.png

Rotation of 180º: $ R_{180} $

R180 MA453Fall2008walther.png

Flip About a Horizontal Axis: $ H $

H MA453Fall2008walther.png

Flip About a Vertical Axis: $ V $

V MA453Fall2008walther.png

From this, the Cayley table can easily be constructed.

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