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I am really bad with sketchpad and having trouble with number 2. Can anyone help me get started? -chris [sure. at what point are you getting hung up on? - sue]

any hints for # 10 - sue

for # 3, if anyone has gotten it, is it a bunch of summing of areas?

it is!

for #3, what areas might we be summing? I remember with the example, the intersection was inside the triangle, so we could use the area of the triangle... any hints? ~Lauren

with p being ouside, there are now 2 little triangles outside the bigger eq triangle. sum all of the triangles in one direction than all of them in another direction - if that makes sense. what I did was write down the areas for all of the triangles ad see which ones give me what I neede - Sue

I'm down to 9 and 10 now. no clue on 9 - Sue

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