Discussion: World Cup 2010 in South Africa

  • I cannot wait!!! It is so exciting to see the only team sport event in the World where every nation competes to their fullest potential!!!
  • I am calling it right now the US is going to the final, and maybe just maybe taking the cup. I am not gonna get too ridiculous.
  • One of my friends is actually going to be working security for it. He's invited me to come do it with him, but I may be stuck here taking summer classes. Either way, the cup is going to be awesome.
    • Yeah it should be interesting to see how we do. The US is usually one of the teams that is in the best shape though that doesn't necessarily mean victory. Do you still think we would go to the finals with all of the recent injuries to key players? --Matt
  • The world cup brought an interesting application of digital signal processing (ECE438), namely the problem ofremoving the sound of vuvuzulas from the digital recordings of the matches.
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