Why I do "ECE"

I do ECE because it is fun. I like to design, build, and test things.

I am currently working on building a robot for myself. The reason you may ask, because I want to drive it into a FYE class and see who knows what it is, then do the same with the English department. I want to build a Dalek[1], a character in the TV show Doctor Who. I want to build one to do some real engineering work. I want to be able to take something that has already been build, disassemble it and use bad documentation on a piece of it to make a tacking system so the robot will follow who ever has a blinking IR LED on them.

I ECE because I like to chalenge myself with new projects and new ideas whether it be from a robot, to writing code[2] to control my linux media box at home with a custom interface, to working out how to make an RFID wireless key start system for a car I want to work on.

I ECE because its what I like to do.

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Dr. Paul Garrett