Study group for MA460 Fall 2009

Anyone interested in forming a study group? Mary and I have decided to meet on Mondays at 3:30 pm to start the homeworks for each week. Is anyone else interested in joining? The more heads the better!

Where are you planning on meeting?

This week we met at Lawson, but that could change based on what other people prefer. -Mary

I'm definitely interested but I have class at 4:30 on Mondays. Do you guys meet on any other days too?

I would be interested in joining this study group, I am free on those Mondays and I am very flexible to any meeting place. If you post the next meeting and a time and a place I will be sure to make it. -Brian H

Count me in. I definitely need help after struggling with the first homework. I also have 4:30 classes, so how about 5:30? -Craig

I'd be interested but I can't do anything till after 6. --Ashley

I know that i would be interested in meeting but i could not be able to meet until 7ish if anyone is still interested.

I would be interested in meeting, also. If someone could meet on a different day that would be great, Mondays are terrible for me. Let me know if anyone wants to meet on Tuesday afternoon? -Brittany

As far as meeting on different days, Kat and I had discussed meeting on Wednesdays as well, but I could also do Tuesdays after 4:20. As far as a different meeting time on Mondays, I have a weekly meeting on Monday evenings but I don't know the regular time yet. We should all get together in class on Tuesday and try to work out a regular time/day to work. -Mary

Hey Guys! Dana and I are meeting at Lawson at 3:30 today (Tuesday, Sept. 8) to work on homework. If anyone wants to join us, we'll probably be there for awhile in the table area at the front! -Jennie

Might I suggest that the only time that a majority of the class is going to be free will be at night. Uli can reserve us a room in the math building from probably 7-10 on any night to work. Also a room with a big black board will come in handy. - Chris

That sounds like a good idea. What night works best for everyone? I would prefer Tuesday. And, Kat and I are working at Lawson today (Wednesday, Sept. 9) at 3:30 if anyone is interested in joining. -Mary

Sounds like Tuesday's at 7:30 p.m. works out for everyone? -Craig

I think Tuesday's at 7:30 sounds awesome! -TINY

So Tuesdays it is-- but where are we going to meet? Have we figured out the room that Uli could reserve for us? -Kat

How about we all show up to REC 121 on Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. and if the classroom is locked or occupied, we can find another room or building if we have to? It works out good if we use the same room as our quizzes because psychologically we are in the environment we learned one of the problems, lol. -Craig

REC is always open and a good place to study, but there are always groups and organizations meeting there. Someone ask Uli to permanently to reserve and room and we can always have it - Chris

Tuesday's sound great. Are we meeting on Sept. 15th then?

Yes, we are meeting tonight at 7:30 p.m. I do not know if anyone asked Uli yet, but we can discuss it tonight.

Is there any way we can meet in a lab so we can go over the sketchpad questions?

When we met up this week we discovered that our classroom REC121 is occupied at 7:30 pm on Tuesdays, so we ended up just using the room across from our classroom, which I believe is REC123. Just for future notice, I think it'll be best if we just meet in that classroom unless Uli reserves a different room for us -Kat

Are we still going to meet on Tuesday at the same time and same place? -Mary

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