Questions and Comments for: Bayes rule in practice: definition and parameter estimation

A slecture by Chuohao Tang

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Questions and Comments

Review by S. Chatzidakis

Overall, the notes are very good and the explanation clear and easy to follow. A few comments are written below:

- At the end of section 3 "Parameter Estimation" there is a typo, it should be p(ω2)=Νω2/Ν

- In the 1D example, it is not clear how to find the separation boundary. For example, it should be mentioned that training data are used to estimate the distribution and the priors and then by equating for the two classes the boundary can be determined. Subsequently, the testing data are used to calculate the misclassification rate.

- Although the misclassification result (error rate) is provided in the 2D example, it is missing from the 1D example.

- Details about the 1D example are missing. For example, what is the mean and variance of the distributions shown in the figure? How many training data and testing data were used?

- It is recommended to provide references at the end of the slecture.

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