Peer Legacy for ECE495: Fundamentals of Nanoelectronics

All students who have previously taken ECE495: "Fundamentals of Nanoelectronics" are welcome to use this page to leave comments/give advice for future students.

Note:ECE 495 is used for all new undergraduate courses, regardless of level. The Fundamentals of Nanoelectronics is probably getting renamed to ECE 453 and that will be the permanent number for that course. I will confirm with Professor Gray and make changes. For this semester it is under ECE 495. --Hersh Lalwani 12:39, 24 November 2009 (UTC)
  • Nanoelectronics is difficult subject to follow. It was hard for me to understand about the Schrodinger equation and matrix expression related to this course. All the exams were based on the homework problem. ECE305 should be thoroughly understood in order to follow this class. --Changkeun

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  • Write a comment/advice here. Sign.

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