Peer Legacy for ECE364: Software Design Tools

  • When I took ECE364, It focused on Korn Shell and Python. Korn Shell didn't seem to be very useful, and I believe they have replaced that part of the curriculum with Bash. The content of this course is good, but the pace is extremely fast. Each lab feels like a lab practical because there are only two hours to complete the assignment. The final project is nice because it lets you work at your own pace while building something useful. My semester built a standalone twitter application. In other years, they have built irc clients. --- Brendon McCool
  • I took this course in Spring 2010. We learned about scripting languages, in particular Python and Korn Shell. Although the Korn Shell may not be directly useful, it is very similar to more useful scripting languages such as bash. I had an internship the summer after I took this class and used my knowledge of Python for lots of things, so it is very useful! We did the Twitter project at the end of this course, which was a great experience to use what we'd learned in a more practical application. --- Larry Price
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