Questions and Comments for Nyquist Theorem

A slecture by ECE student Miguel Rodrigo Castellanos

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  • Review by Yerkebulan Y.

Very clear explanation of Nyquist Theorem in words, which is also supported with graphs. Also,I need to mention exception that you provided. I am not sure if signal can have such FT.

  • Review by Fabian Faes

I enjoyed the mathematical steps that were taken to show how the Nyquist Theorem upholds when performing reconstruction, however I do believe that more graphs would have been beneficial in the understanding. The fact that there is a strong conclusion which states how reconstruction is sometimes possible even though the Nyquist condition is not met is an important message to be closed on. Overall it is a good slecture!

  • Review by Michael Hayashi

I enjoyed the presentation of the Nyquist Theorem in this slecture. Your proof was solid and the coloration of the center copy removed the need to have more graphs. It was a fun exercise to include the Nyquist-violating sampling example in your presentation; nothing could have done a better job explaining the sufficient, but not necessary, aspect of using the Nyquist condition for reconstruction. I applaud the thoroughness and accuracy of this slecture.

  • Review by Chloe Kauffman

This was a very helpful slecture for Nyquist. I would have liked to seen the tie between sampling at exactly above Nyquist, versus even larger of a sampling frequency for real world design application. I.e. sampling at just above Nyquist requires a nearly perfect LPF with sharp cutoff, vs. limitation of even larger Nyquist rates. Your graphs and explanations aided in the topic learning.

  • Review by Matt Miller

This slecture was very clear and very well detailed. The inclusion of diagrams made it very easy to follow.

  • Review by student 6
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  • Review by student 10
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